Wholesale Line Card – Northern California and Northern Nevada

Line Card (PDF)
  • Wholesale Products - Line Card
    Plate & Frame, Brazed Plate, and AHRI Listed Heat Exchangers for HVAC, Data Center, Hydronic Radiant Heating, Snowmelt, Domestic Hot Water, and Swimming Pool Applications.
    ASME and Non-ASME Expansion Tanks, Indirects, Air Separators, Chilled Water and Hydronic Buffer Tanks, Fire Tanks, Well Tanks, and Residential Simplex Pressure Boosting Systems.
    Radiant Hydronic Heating and Cooling Panels. Integral Diffuser Panels, Modular Panels, Linear Panels, Curved Profile Radiant Panels, and Convection Panels.
    Under-Cabinet Hydronic Fan Coils, Commercial Finned Tube Radiators, Cabinet Unit Heaters, Convectors, Panel Radiators, and Gas-Fired Infrared Heaters.
    Air, Dirt, and Hydraulic Separators, Air Vents, Zone Valves, Zone Controls, Balancing and Pressure Reducing Valves, and Electronic and Thermostatic Mixing Valves.
    UL 508a Listed Pre-Engineered and Custom-Designed Control Solutions for Water Pressure, Level, Temperature, Flow, and Quality. Custom Designed/Fabricated Packaged Modular Equipment, and Condensate Return Units.
    Energy-Efficient Pressure Boosting Skid Systems. Submersible, Sump, Effluent, and Sewage Pumps. Circulator, Inline, End-Suction, Multi-Stage, and ECM Pumps.
    Utility Management Solutions for Multi-Family Facilities. Wireless Utility Submetering for Water, Electric, Gas, and Btu. Water Leak Detection and Alarming, Wireless Thermostat Control, Utility Consumption Analysis, and Reporting.
    Factory-Designed, Engineered, and Prefabricated Water Heating and Boiler Systems. High-Efficiency, Condensing, Water-Tube Boilers and Water Heaters, Non-Condensing Boilers and Water Heaters, Hot Water Storage Tanks (Indoor and Outdoor), and Pool Heaters.
    Lubricated Plug Valves (CRN/UL/FMA/CSA), AWWA C517-Latest Revision Eccentric Plug Valves, Keycentric Plug Valves, and AWWA C504 Class 150B Butterfly Valves (NSF/ANSI-61 & NSF/ANSI-372).
    High-Efficiency, Condensing Boilers and Water Heaters, Gas Storage Water Heaters, Electric Water Heaters, Indirect Water Heaters, Storage Tanks, and Solar Tanks.
    Outlet Boxes, Tub Boxes, Clamps, Acoustical Clamps, Test Caps, Hangers, Pipe Brackets, Stub-Outs, Hammer Arrestors, Tub Protectors, Water Heater Pans, Foam Wrap, Braided, Vinyl and Corrugated Connectors, Valves, Bath Waste and Overflow Assemblies, Polyolefin Foam Pipe Insulation, Roof Drains, Floor Drains, Shower Drains and Closet Flanges.
    Radiator Valves, Steam Traps, Boiler Feed Systems, and Sentinel Condensate Systems.
    Regular and Heavy Duty Shielded No Hub and Quick Hub Couplings, Flexible Couplings, Transition Couplings, and Service Weight Gaskets.
    Copper Tube, Copper Solder Fittings, Copper Press Fittings, Copper ACR Press Fittings, Carbon Steel Press Fittings, Malleable Iron Fittings, Steel Nipples, Refrigeration Products, Line Sets, Valves, PVC & ABS DWV Plastic Fittings, and Schedule 40 PVC Pressure Fittings.
    Condensate Neutralizers for the Plumbing and HVAC Markets, and Glycol System Feeders.
    Commercial Large Volume Electric Power Water Heaters, Indoor and Outdoor Hot Water Storage Tanks, Hot Water Generators, Solar Tanks, and Custom Industrial Tanks. ASME Expansion Tanks, Chilled Water Buffer Tanks, Hydraulic Separators, Boiler Blowdown Tanks, and Indirect Water Heaters.
    High-Efficiency, Condensing Boilers and Water Heaters, Indirect Water Heaters, Storage Tanks, Combi-Furnace, and Pool Heat Exchangers.
    PEX and PEX-AL-PEX Pipe Installation Tool.
    Leading Domestic Manufacturer of Pipe Hangers, Pipe Clamps, Strut, and Strut Accessories.
    ---- Olympia | Pioneer | Central Brass ---- Premium, Builder, and Commercial Grade Faucets and Fixtures for the Multi-Family Residential and Commercial Markets.
    Faucets, Fixtures, Accessories, Vitreous China Toilets and Sinks, and Emergency Safety Equipment for the Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, and Hospitality Markets.
    All-Electric, Large Volume, Central Heat Pump, Domestic Water Heating System Specifically Designed for Multi-Family Building Projects. The Plug-and-Play Packaged System Includes: Storage Tanks, Swing Tanks, and Expansion Tanks with a Building Interface Section Containing Water Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Valves, and Controls.
    Residential and Commercial Electric Boilers, Indirect Water Heaters, Combined Boilers and Water Heaters, Buffer Tanks, and Fan-Coils.
    Counterstrike Lightning Damage Resistant Flexible Corrugated Stainless Steel (CSST) Gas Pipe Systems.
    Under-Cabinet Hydronic Fan Coils, Commercial Finned Tube Radiators, Steam and Hot Water Cabinet Unit Heaters, and Convectors.
    AquaPEX Water Distribution Systems, HePEX Hydronic Distribution, Radiant Heating/Cooling, and Snow-Melt Systems, EcoFlex Pre-Insulated Piping Systems, and AquaSAFE Fire Protection Systems.
    High-Efficiency, Condensing Tankless Water Heaters, Hybrid Water Heaters, Combi-Boilers, and Heating Boilers.
    Factory-Designed, Engineered, Fully Integrated, Prefabricated, and Packaged Water Harvesting Solutions and Services for Commercial Buildings: Rainwater, Greywater, Stormwater, and Condensate for Non-Potable Applications.
    Pre-Manufactured Drop-In, CO2 Central Heat Pump, Domestic Water Heating Plug-and-Play Packages. Complete Standard Skid Packages, Droplet Heat Pump Arrays with Separate Storage, and Part Load Standard Skid Systems Designed to Complement Existing Gas Water Heaters.
    EVERFLUX Water Soluble Flux, EverFree Organic Drain Opener, and EverClens Tankless Heater Descaler.