Wholesale Line Card – Hawaii

  • Wholesale Line Card
    Plate & Frame, Brazed Plate and AHRI Listed Heat Exchangers. Adiabatic Liquid Coolers, Dry Coolers, Oil Forced/Air Forced Coolers, Industrial Dry Coolers, Customized Air-Cooled Radiators, GenSet Radiator Units, and Data Center Air-Coolers.
    Mixing, Zone, Balancing, and Pressure Reducing Valves. Air, Dirt, and Hydronic Separators. Back flow Devices and Air Vents.
    (HAC) Heat Pump Designed for Simultaneous Forced Air Heating and Cooling with VAF (Variable Air Flow). (HOC) Heat Pump Designed for Forced Air Heating or Cooling with VAF. (HEE) Central Electric Forced Air Heating with VAF.
    Commercial Faucets and Fittings.
    Maxi ETS District Energy Pre-Configured Substations Solutions for Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water. AquaONE & AquaHEAT Instantaneous Hot Water Packaged Systems.
    Circulator, Inline, End-Suction, Multi-Stage and Jet Pumps. Energy Efficient Pressure Boosting Skid Systems. ECM Pumps. Submersible, Sump, Effluent, and Sewage Pumps.
    High Efficiency Condensing Water-Tube Water Heaters and Boilers, Non-Condensing Water Heaters and Boilers,Pool Water Heaters and Boilers, Indoor and Outdoor Storage Tanks, and Complete Packaged Systems.
    Condensate Neutralizers for the Plumbing, and HVAC Markets and Glycol System Feeders.
    Hot Water Storage Tanks - 80 to 5096 Gallons, Hot Water Generators, Electric Water Heaters, Solar Tanks, Custom Industrial Tanks, Chilled Water Buffer Tanks, and Hydraulic Separators.
    High Efficiency Gas Fired Fire-Tube and Water-Tube Boilers, Water-Tube Water Heaters. Indirect Water Heaters, Storage Tanks, Combi Furnace, and Pool Heat Exchangers.
    Builder Grade Faucets for Residential and Commercial Multi-Family.
    Leading Domestic Manufacturer of Pipe Hangers, Pipe Clamps, Strut, and Strut Accessories.
    Premium Faucets for Residential and Commercial Multi-Family.
    Under-Cabinet Hydronic Fan Coils, Valve Control Box, Commercial Finned Tube Radiators, Steam & Hot Water Cabinet Unit Heaters, and Convectors.
    AquaPEX Water Distribution Systems, HePEX HydronicDistribution, Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems, EcoFlex Pre-Insulated Piping Systems, and AquaSAFE Fire Protection Systems.
    High Efficiency Gas Fired Tankless Water Heaters, Hybrid Water Heaters, Combi-Boilers, and Heating Boilers.